Helping Hands Rehab is a privately, therapist owned outpatient occupational therapy clinic.  The concept for Helping Hands Rehab was created in 2011 on the belief that all patients referred for upper extremity rehabilitation should be treated in a professional, ethical manner, by a therapist and not by a “therapy care extender” who is not fully trained or certified.  In an era of huge corporate hospitals and physician owned clinics, therapy “factories” have become common place where a patient may see a different therapist each visit, where your care is administered by an aide with less training, your therapist leaves you to do your therapy alone, and/or your therapist is seeing multiple patients at once.

As one of the only centers in the Rockford and Stateline area that treat hand and upper extremities, we are able to create custom treatments that fit each individual patient’s specific needs. It may be the patient’s goal to return to work, to play golf, to return to knitting, or to simply wash their own hair. The patient’s goal is what we use to create their custom treatment.

Nancy Houghton MS, OTR/L, CHT–owner

Here at Helping Hands Rehab, we know that people value the use of their hands and any loss of function through injury or accident may have a devastating effect on their lives.  Treatment at Helping Hands Rehab starts with a thorough and holistic assessment.  We work with your physician to coordinate your care.  We discuss your care with your physician as needed via phone, email, or personal visits.

 Each patient is given an individualized treatment program following these guiding principles:

  • Patients receive comprehensive care and the most effective, evidence-based treatments to reduce the time spent in therapy.
  • Faster recovery results lead to decreased medical costs.
  • Therapist and patient define recovery and tackle it as a team to maximize the desired results.
  • Functional outcomes ensure a faster return to work and productive lifestyle

Our goal, is to get you moving again using experience and specialized skills that will help you maximize your recovery, so you can get a grip on life and get you back to doing what you love.

What our patients have to say: 

"Nancy relieved a lot of my pain, for which I am forever grateful! l never got bored with the rehab because of her innovative exercises. Warm and friendly. I have never had a complaint and have recommended her to several of my friends."
Bonnie M: